Handling stress and making better choices.


Today was the day where I had to tell myself I have to make better choices. I’ve started going to church with my parents. It’s definitely been helping me cope with a lot lately. I’ve always been religious but hardly ever went to church. I really like it! The church I go to has a little store like Starbucks. You can get coffee, frappes, and food. I have been getting a cookies and cream frappe for the past couple sundays. Today I had to make a decision. It was a long night last night. My daughter has a stuffy nose so she didn’t sleep very well. All I wanted was something sweet and with coffee in it. I didnt go for my usual today. I settled for some berry flavored propel which was pretty good. I’m not a huge fan of flavored water unless it’s like the little packets that you put in yourself but I’m glad I tried something different today. I’m proud of myself because I could have easily gotten what I wanted. Making good choice is the hardest part of any diet or lifestyle.

I was going to start going to the gym tomorrow. I have a gym membership with planet fitness. I havent used it since before I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. I really do like going to the gym when I’m feeling okay. I usually get on the elliptical for 30 minutes to an hour then do some weights. But I dont want to add too much all at once. I dont want to get so stressed out that I cant focus on the important things. So for now I’m just going to focus on eating right and once I feel comfortable enough and have gotten back in my routine then I will add going to the gym. For now taking care of the baby, keeping the house up, and focusing on what I am eating is enough. I already have a tough enough time just focusing on my eating right now but it’s a start.

Lately i have been emotionally eating. I’ve been stressed, depressed, and sleep deprived. Instead of finding another way to deal with all that emotion I just ate good food and a lot of it. Throughout my whole life food has been how I dealt with my problems which is why I was 300lbs as a freshman in high school. Once i started eating low carb I dealt with my emotions pretty well and stay on track most of the time with great success. Now that I have added stress with the baby i need to figure out how to handle all of it again in a healthy way. Since I found out I was pregnant I’ve gained 65lbs back of the 100 I lost before. I dont feel great about myself. I made bad choices during my pregnancy and I let being pregnant be an excuse to eat junk. I am definitely paying for it now. One thing that really helped me is keep my stress down before was journaling every day before bed. I’m going to start doing that again tonight. Maybe if I let it all out then it will help me stay on track with my eating.

As far as food for the day. I did go over my 20g carbs but it’s definitely a lot better than I have been eating lately.

I skipped breakfast.

For lunch I had a couple hot links with cheese and ranch. 16g carbs.

For dinner I had garlic herb chicken with a little bit of salsa. 12g carbs.

For a snack I had 2 string cheese sticks. 4g cabrs.

So total carb count for the day was 32g carbs. I’m over by 12g carbs but not bad for my first day back! Tomorrow I’m going to stay within my carb count!

I tried to drink a lot more water today. I know if I dont drink enough I will get intense leg cramps at night. At one point in time I was drinking up to 100oz of water a day. Today I was able to drink 90oz which isn’t bad. Hopefully its enough to avoid leg cramps!


Day 14


Well i haven’t blogged in a few days. I cheated on Valentine’s day because my husband took me out. Then yesterday I just didn’t feel like it but I did stay on track.. Now I need to do this daily blog more than ever because I was kicked out of this small support group I have been in for a little over 2 years. I would report everything there daily. Now I can’t so I need to use this blog to help me stay on track. I’m really proud of myself. Yesterday I wanted to cheat because my husband cheated but I didn’t. I stayed on track. I may have not stayed under 20g carbs but it wasn’t a lot over. I’d say maybe 10g carbs over. I have to get back on track and stay there. I’ve done it before and I know i can do it again. I need to figure out how to get motivated and stay there because I’m not happy where I am and the only place to go from here is up and I definitely don’t want to go back up.

I am going to start walking more. I haven’t been using my fitbit and I definitely have been feeling pretty lazy. When I’m not taking care of our new born in on the couch watching tv. I’m going to start walking around the house more throughout the day. I went and walked around Target for a little bit today. I had planned to get a lot of steps in but my baby was crying all day today and was didn’t want to be put down because she’s having tummy problems. Tomorrow I’ll do better.

Food for the day:

I skipped breakfast.

For lunch I had hot links with ranch and 2 string cheeses. 12g carbs.

For dinner I had lemon pepper chicken tenders. 0g carbs.

Total carbs for the day 12g. Under my goal by 8g. I just have to keep this up!

I really have to work on my water. I have been using a water bottle that has the ounces labeled on the sides. I haven’t been using it the past couple days but I did better when I was using it. I’ll go back to it tomorrow.

Day 12


I’m not proud but I cheated yesterday. I got stressed out because my daughter was crying all day yesterday. I broke down and had some ice cream. She was crying pretty much all day today too. I know she’s hurting we had to switch her formula to help and we just have to wait it out but it’s hard. I get so stressed then as soon as my husband comes home she’s calm.

I really wanted to cheat today too but I just have to get used to stressed being the new normal. I can’t always run to food when I get stressed because I’m going to be stressed a lot from now on. I have to make new habits.

Food for the day:

For breakfast I had a hot link and a Jimmy Dean scramble. 4g carbs.

For lunch ham and cheese roll ups with ranch. 9g carbs.

For dinner I had buffalo chicken and broccoli. 7g carbs.

Total carbs for the day 20g. Right at my goal for the day.

I didn’t drink nearly enough water today. I drank maybe 60 ounces at the most. Tomorrow I will have to do better.

Day 8


Well not eating dinner last night paid off. I was two more pounds down this morning. That’s 10pbs in a 8 days. I think I’m going to do weigh-ins on Sundays. So starting next week I won’t weigh until Sunday mornings. I feel great though. I haven’t felt this good in over a year. After the miscarriage last year I have my rainbow baby. Then after gaining over 50 pounds during the pregnancy I’m losing it pretty quickly. Life is good!

I’m at that point in the low carb diet where I don’t have to eat. I don’t feel hungry throughout the day. Today i wasn’t really hungry. I ate a small breakfast then a kind of small dinner. I still feel pretty good though.

Food for the day:

For breakfast I had a Jimmy Dean scramble. 2g carbs.

I skipped lunch and decided to nap while my daughter was napping.

For dinner I had buffalo wings. 7g carbs.

Total carbs for the day 9g. I only used half the carbs I could have had today. I’m doing pretty good.

I didn’t start drinking water until later in the day. I did manage to drink 78 ounces. I’m probably going to drink a bit more before I go to bed.

Day 6


I know i need to stop weighing myself every day but for now it’s exciting to see that I’m losing again. I’m down another pound this morning. That makes 5lbs down this week and 29lbs to go until I’m back to where I was. At this rate I will be back there in no time.

Eating out is probably one of the hardest things about this diet. My sister took me to breakfast this morning at Jimmys Eggs. I was looking through the menu and saw cinnamon swirl pancakes and home fries. I love home fries! It’s about making good choices. Instead of those things I actually wanted I got an omelette and a side of cottage cheese. It was still good. I’m proud of myself for not giving in when it would have been so easy to.

Food for the day:

For breakfast I had an omelette with cheese, spinach, and mushrooms and a side of cottage cheese. 12g carbs.

For lunch I had a couple hot links with sugar free bbq sauce. 12g carbs.

I skipped dinner. I wasn’t hungry.

For a snack I had string cheese. 2g carbs.

Total carbs for the day 26g. Over my goal by 6g. Not too bad but I need to try and stay under my goal. It definitely could have been a lot worse considering I went out to eat.

So far I have drank 78 ounces of water. Only 2 ounces under my goal. I’m going to drink a bit more before bed.

Day 5


Today was a good day! I weighed myself this morning and I’m down 3lbs from yesterday! I’m excited it feels good to be making progress again. I also had a pretty good night of sleep last night. My daughter slept peacefully. She woke up to eat then went right back to sleep. She sleeps pretty good for an almost 3 week old.

I’m trying to get up an walk more. Being at home all day has made me just want to sit o. The couch and watch tv until the baby wakes up. I tried to get up and clean. I got two loads of laundry done and the living room and dining room picked up but that’s pretty much it.

Once again I fasted again until around 11. I wanted to snack all day today. That’s the problem with being home all day with food all around me. It’s all low carb food but eating too much can still make me go over my carbs. I did go over by a few carbs but not by much which I’m okay with.

Food for the day:

I skipped breakfast.

For lunch I had ham and cheese roll ups with ranch. 8g carbs.

For dinner I had garlic herb chicken. 8g carbs.

I had two snacks today the first was 2 hot links and the second was left over pulled pork with sugar free bbq sauce. 6g carbs.

Total carbs for the day 24g. Only over my goal by 4g which isn’t too bad.

I drank about 90 ounces of water today which is over my goal!

Day 4


Today was a pretty good day. I actually got sleep. I think me and Emma are finally getting into a routine. She didn’t fight sleep last night which means I was asleep by 12 then got up at 3 and 7 to feed her. I also got some cleaning done today. I also got some papers graded. I just have to put them in the grade book. I feel so accomplished today. I think I’m getting the hang of being a mom.

I fasted again today as long as I could. I ended up eating around 11. I did pretty good today. I wanted to snack pretty much all day but I didn’t. I’m trying not to stress eat because I know I need to stay on track.

Food for the day:

I skipped breakfast

For lunch I had pork rinds nachos with cheese and ranch. 9g carbs.

For dinner I had lemon pepper chicken and rice cauliflower. 12g carbs.

For a snack I had a Jimmy Dean scramble. 2g carbs.

Total carbs for the day 23g. I said my goal was 15g a day but I’m going to bump it up to 20g for a while. I only went over by a few. Hopefully I will start losing some weight soon.

As for water I did better today. So I’m at 90 ounces which is more than my goal by 10 ounces. I’m also going to drink a bit more before bed.