Day 17


Today was a good day. My husband was off today so he took the midnight feeding with our daughter last night so I got a couple extra hours of sleep. I definitely needed it. I also had a doctors appointment to check my c section incision and everything is healing nicely I had to go spend a couple hours at work getting everything ready for my class next week. I don’t miss work at all and I’m not looking forward to gong back. I love being with my daughter everyday and I’m worried I’m going to miss a lot going back to work. I really don’t have a choice.

So I had planned on tracking my steps today but I plugged in my fitbit last night but I didn’t see that the charger wasn’t plugged in. So it wasn’t charging all night. I did get up and walk a bit more than usual today. I just plugged in my fitbit and it is charging so I will try and get my steps in tomorrow.

Food for the day:

For breakfast I have summer sausage with cheese. 7g carbs.

For lunch I had a couple string cheeses. 4g carbs.

For dinner I had buffalo wings. 7g carbs.

Total carbs for the day 18g. Under my daily goal by 2g. I’m proud of myself. I’m staying on track and not giving up.

Today I drank 60 ounces of water. I’m working on a 30 ounce bottle of water so if I finish this I will be at 90 ounces for the day and over my daily goal by 10!


Day 16


Well I cheated again yesterday. I just get so discouraged quickly now. I think all my hormones are still coming down from being pregnant still. Tomorrow I will be a month post partum. I need to get motivated again. I think a lot of things are going into me not getting motivated. I’m sleep deprived, constantly bored from being home all day with our new born, and losing my support group. I have to figure it out because I don’t want to get back to where I was when I worked so hard to get here. I may be struggling right now but I’m not giving up. That’s what really matters I guess. I will get the hang out my new life with baby and all these emotions!

Tonight I am charging my fitbit and I’m going to start walking around the house more during the day. I think that another thing that’s been bothering me is doing nothing. I’m a teacher so I’m used to doing a ton of things at once and being constantly on my feet. Now I take care of the baby and when she’s asleep I watch tv. I need to get up and start walking more. Once it starts warming up I’m going to take Emma for walks in her stroller. I need to do this.

Food for the day:

For breakfast I had peppered beef jerky. 2.5g carbs.

I skipped lunch.

For a really late dinner I had pulled beef with cheese and sugar free bbq sauce. 8g carbs.

Total carbs for the day 10.5g. That’s under my goal by just about half.

I didn’t drink nearly enough today. I maybe go 20 ounces of water drank. I know water is so very important for this diet to work so I really need to make sure I’m getting enough.

Day 7


I am very excited I’m down another 3 pounds from yesterday. That 8 total this week. I want to lose at least 2 more before the end of the week. Im So proud of myself. It feels good to be losing weight again. I’m only 26 pounds from my pre pregnancy weight. I will post a picture below. On the left I was 37 weeks pregnant and the right is this morning.

Today was another struggle but I got through it. We went to go see my in laws in Texas today. We live about 45 minutes away on Oklahoma. We went out to Applebees with my sister in law. It would have been so easy to cheat. I think I did pretty good. It took up pretty much all my carbs for the day but it was worth it. I had steak and shrimp with parmesan sauce and broccoli. I’m proud of myself for making good chocies. It feels good know9ng food and cravings dont effect me as much as when i was pregnant. I dont get the extreme cravings anymore and I can actually fast if I want to since I don’t have a baby that needs me to eat.

Food for the day:

For breakfast I had a couple string cheeses and a Jimmy Dean scramble. 5g carbs.

For lunch I had steak and shrimp with parmesan sauce. 19g carbs.

I skipped dinner because we ate lunch so late and I was out of carbs for the day.

Total carbs for the day 24g. Still over my goal of 20g but it could have been way worse since I ate out.

I didn’t drink as much water as I should have today. I did manage to get about 60 ounces drank. My goal is 80 or more per day. I also had a Coke zero which I’m trying to stay away from soda.

Left 37 weeks pregnant and right 3 weeks post partum.

Starting fresh


I haven’t been sticking to the diet at all which is understandable considering I had a c section and moving around the first week has been hard. My co workers brought us a ton of food so we didn’t have to cook. None of it is low carb but it definitely has helped us between me hurting and us taking care of new born there’s no way I could haven’t gotten up to cook. With that being said it’s time to start thinking about starting fresh. My husband and I are both not happy with how much weight we have gained just because we made bad food choices. It’s time to start over.

We decided to start again next Friday. That way we don’t have to waste any of the food we were given. We have a bunch of family that is going to be starting with us too. I will go back to daily blogging with all my food choices. It helps keep me accountable.

As soon as I am clear in about 6 weeks for exercise I’m going to start going to the gym a couple times a week. At the very least I’m going to get 10,000 steps a day.

As far as goals I hate sharing my weight but I think it’s important. If someone wants to judge me on it that’s fine because it’s a starting point for me. Plus I have been a lot heavier than I am now. As of this morning I am 357. Before I found out I was pregnant i was 317. I have a way to go. My goal for this year is to get under 300 which I think is manageable.

I have to do this for my baby girl. I can’t be the mom I want to be at this size. I want to be able to run and play with Emma when she’s older and right now I won’t be able to. I have the best motivation in the world though!

What now?


January 19th at 5:51my baby was born. My labor was induced and I was in labor for 24 hours before they had to do an emergency c-section. Everything was fine. Baby is doing good and I’m good just sore from the surgery. I am going to give myself a little bit to recover before starting up the diet again but I do plan on getting back on track soon. I will be back to blogging and dieting once I fully heal. I am very excited to start this new chapter in my life as a parent!

Keto pregnancy 34 weeks 5 days.


I woke up feeling really depressed. This time last year I was about to find out I was pregnant for the first time which that pregnancy ended in a loss. I was determined not to eat my feelings today. I actually did really well today. I even went grocery shopping and only bought food that goes with the diet. A friend told me this morning that I have to start making choices that will give me a better life for my baby. Once she’s here I have to make those good choices for her too.  She’s right I have to break these habits now. 

I have not been walking as much as I should have lately.  Today i made myself a goal to get to at least 7,000 steps. I have been getting around 2,000 a day. My doctor keeps telling me I need to walk more. I made it to 10,000 steps today. I am really proud of myself. Hopefully i can keep this up.

For breakfast I had a Jimmy Dean scramble. 2g carbs.

For lunch I had a couple ham and cheese roll ups with ranch. 10g carbs.

For dinner I had steak with reduced sugar ketchup. 4g carbs.

For a snack I had a bag of Turkey bites. 4g carbs.

Total carbs for the day 20g. 10g under my goal! I feel really proud of myself today. Hopefully the scale at the doctors office in a few days reflects that!

Keto pregnancy 34 weeks 4 days


It has been so hard to stay on track lately. I am starving all the time plus the holidays. Now that the holidays are over I really need to get back on track again. I’ve put on another 10lbs which makes 50 over all this pregnancy. People keep telling me it’s the baby but the baby doesn’t weigh 50lbs it’s because I’ve been eating like crap the past 8 months! I’ve got a little over a month left until she is here so I’m going to stay on track with my diet as best as I can. I plan on breast feeding with her so that will help with the weight loss after I have her. 

I have a doctors appointment in a week and I really want to get this Christmas weight off before then. I ate way too much Christmas day and I’m definitely paying for it now. I want to lose a little bit before I get to my due date!

For breakfast I had a Jimmy Dean scramble. 3g carbs

For lunch I had an chicken salad with blue cheese dressing. 12g carbs.

For dinner I had scrambled eggs with ham, cheese,and sour cream. 5g carbs.

For a snack I had some spinach artichoke dip with pork rinds. 9g carbs.

Total carbs for the day 28g. Under my goal by 2g. I’m proud of myself!