Day 1!


Today was me and my husband’s first day back on the diet. It wasn’t hard today because I was completely exhausted and didn’t want to eat anyways. My baby was up crying all night with gas pains. My husband worked today so I stayed up with her all night. Plus I needed to go grocery shopping because we literally had no food in the house.

I weighed myself again this morning. I’m down 22lbs since I had my baby. I’m hoping with being on the diet now it will continue to go down. I only ha e 34lbs before I’m back to where I was which honestly since that much. I can definitely do it. I’m excited to get started.

My goals for each day are going to be under 15g carbs. I need to drink at least 80 ounces of water. Starting tomorrow (because my fitbit is not charged) I will be taking at least 7,000 steps a day. I’m going to do my best!

Food for the day:

I skipped breakfast.

For a late lunch I had a bag of Turkey bites. 4g carbs.

For dinner I had chicken with lemon herb seasoning with a little bit of ranch. 2g carbs.

For a snack I had a couple hot links. 4g carbs.

Total carbs for the day 10g. I met my carb goal for the day and still under a few!

My water goal didn’t go as planned. I didn’t start drinking water until around noon. I did manage to drink 62 ounces which isn’t bad but not where I should be.


Keto pregnancy 35 weeks 4 days


I’m on my last two days of Christmas break. It went by so fast but I’m kind of glad to be going back. It gets boring sitting around doing nothing all day and it’s hard not to over eat while just being at home all day. I literally did nothing but lay in bed and watch tv today. I have not been sleeping well at all lately and we got a brand new bed yesterday. I slept great last night but I guess it’s one of those you sleep so well you are still tired the next day kind of things. I feel good though. It was one of the first time I. Months I was able to wake up and not be in pain.

One month from today is my due date! I can’t believe it’s only a few weeks away. I have to do my best not to gain over the next couple of weeks until she is here! I need to stay focused and keep going!

For breakfast I had some ham and cheese roll up with ranch. 7g carbs. 

For lunch I had a couple hot links with a little bit of cheese and mustard. 4g carbs.

For dinner I had pork chops with buffalo sauce. 0g carbs.

For a snack I had a Jimmy Dean scramble and later on I had pork rinds with buffalo ranch. 4g carbs.

Total carbs for the day 15g. Thats only half of my goal for the day. 

Keto pregnancy 34 weeks 5 days.


I woke up feeling really depressed. This time last year I was about to find out I was pregnant for the first time which that pregnancy ended in a loss. I was determined not to eat my feelings today. I actually did really well today. I even went grocery shopping and only bought food that goes with the diet. A friend told me this morning that I have to start making choices that will give me a better life for my baby. Once she’s here I have to make those good choices for her too.  She’s right I have to break these habits now. 

I have not been walking as much as I should have lately.  Today i made myself a goal to get to at least 7,000 steps. I have been getting around 2,000 a day. My doctor keeps telling me I need to walk more. I made it to 10,000 steps today. I am really proud of myself. Hopefully i can keep this up.

For breakfast I had a Jimmy Dean scramble. 2g carbs.

For lunch I had a couple ham and cheese roll ups with ranch. 10g carbs.

For dinner I had steak with reduced sugar ketchup. 4g carbs.

For a snack I had a bag of Turkey bites. 4g carbs.

Total carbs for the day 20g. 10g under my goal! I feel really proud of myself today. Hopefully the scale at the doctors office in a few days reflects that!

Keto pregnancy 26 weeks 2 days


Monday’s are always the hardest days of the week. I never want to wake up and go to work but sadly I have to. Today wasn’t that bad i guess. My students were restless but I can’t really expect much from the day before Halloween and tomorrow and Wednesday will be worse. I just have to push through.

My next doctors appointment is Wednesday. We are scheduling my 3rd trimester ultrasound which I’m really excited about. I love seeing my baby girl. Our 3D ultrasound is next Friday.  I hope she cooperates more this time and we can actually get a better peel at her face. She will be bigger this time though. I’ll be I. The 3rd trimester on Saturday. It just kind of hit me that she will be here soon! 

For breakfast I had scrambled eggs with salsa. 6g carbs.

For lunch I had a salad with bacon and blue cheese dressing. I also had 3 mini bell peppers. 9g carbs.

For dinner I have chicken with cheese and a little bit of sugar free bbq sauce. 4g carbs.

For a snack I had a couple Turkey hot dogs and pork rinds. 6g carbs.

Total carbs for the day 25g. Under my daily goal by 5g! Not too bad!

I could have drank more water through the day today. I put reminders on my phone to remind me to drink starting tomorrow so I should do better.

Keto pregnancy 25 weeks 2 days.


This morning I had to retake my glucose test to see if I have gestational diabetes. More than likely I don’t because I passed the first time. I have just been eating like crap. I am really proud of myself for this weekend though. I stayed on track and was even tempted to cheat again but didn’t. It’s easier than I thought it would be. 

Today at school was rough. I was tired and didn’t want to be here which is not usual. I love my job but today just wasn’t a good day. There were cookies in the teachers lounge and I was so tempted to eat one. I didn’t which I’m proud of. I have to learn to separate my emotions from food again. I did it before and I can definitely do it again.

For breakfast I had scrambled eggs with ham, cheese, and salsa. 8g carbs.

For lunch I had salad with rotisserie chicken and blue cheese dressing. 5g carbs. 

For dinner we had taco bowls. Mine had salsa and cheese. 14g carbs.

For a snack I had a couple Turkey hotdogs. 5g carbs.

Total carbs for the day 32g. Only over my goal by 2g carbs. Not too bad!

I did drink a lot more water than usual today. At school I drank 48oz and at home I drank 32oz more. So 80oz for the whole day. Not bad!

Keto pregnancy 24 weeks.


So I have taken an extremely long break from low carb. I have gained a bunch of weight back. Today my doctor told I needed to get back on it because I’m gaining too much this pregnancy. I agree with him I do need to get back on it. Starting tomorrow I start low carb back up again. 

Tonight we are leaving for a small vacation. Our last one before the baby is born. Tonight we are just going to enjoy ourselves but tomorrow I start over. Im going to be blogging everyday again because I feel like it has kept me accountable in the past. I am also going to buy a new fit bit. Our dog ate my last one. Doctor suggested taking more steps everyday.

I feel good. I just need to get back on it for our little girl. I haven’t posted in such a long time I will posted one of the ultrasound pictures we got today below!