Thought for food


I’m still struggling with my the right food choices. Eating right and losing weight is really just a mental game. You can work out all you want but if you dont make the right food choices then it wont matter. You can put work a bad diet. My thoughts, that inner voice where you weigh the consequences of something before you do it, have been struggling lately. I need to get over this mind game and get back on track. I think if I start writing down my thoughts and come up with solutions about them it will help me make the right choices. So starting tomorrow im going to make 2 blog posts a day. One about how my day went and daily carb count and another with my thoughts and solutions to them. It’s going to be titled thought for food. Instead of food for thought. I thought it was clever! Tomorrow I have to find motivation to stay on track. I’m going to really have to think through my urges to cheat and make the right choices.


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