Round 2 day 30


Only two more school days left of this year. I am so excited and stressed out. I have to pack up two rooms and get ready for our party on the last day of school. I’m so ready for 3rd grade. I also signed up to start taking my masters classes this summer. I’m very excited to get started. I should graduate summer 2019!

I was so excited today. Me and my husband are going to a wedding this weekend and I wanted to get a new dress for it. I was actually able to find one that fit and I think looks good on me. I also needed a strapless bra. I have always had a hard time finding bras but I was able to grab one off the rack and it actually fit! I love losing weight. I feel so good today

For breakfast I had 4 slices of turkey bacon with coconut oil. 0g carbs and 240 calories.

For lunch I had garlic herb tuna with mayo. 4g carbs and 720 calories.

For dinner I had chicken with sugar free BBQ sauce and jalapenos. 4g carbs and 440 calories.

For a snack I had low carb cheesecake. 4g carbs and 560 calories.

Total carbs for the day 12g. Under my 20g carbs goal! Total calories for the day 1,960. I’m over my calorie goal by 360 but that’s not bad. My macros for the day were 2% carbs, 24% protein, and 74% fat. Right at my goal for the day!

I drank my 100oz of water for the day. 


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