Round 2 day 28-Weigh-in day


So this morning I weighed myself expecting to still be a couple pounds up. I actually lost all my cheat day weight finally!! I’m back down to 321.8lbs. I have 18 days to lose those 21.8lbs. I hope I can do it or at least get close. I feel like tracking macros has been helping so I’m going to continue to track them.

Today was a super emotional day for me. Mother days. I was actually supposed to be a mother this mothers day. I managed to get through the day without cheating even though there were times I just wanted to eat my feelings. I kept busy. I had 3 photography sessions today which I realized is way too many for one day! I had fun. There were times when I did break down and cry but I never gave in. I’m going to keep my head held high and know that I can get through all the tough stuff without eat how I feel. 

I skipped breakfast.

For lunch I had a couple slices of turkey bacon. 0g carbs and 120 calories.

For dinner I had one cheddar bratwurst and scrambled eggs. 8g carbs and 610 calories.

For a snack I had low carb cheese cake. 4g carbs and 560 calories.

Total carbs for the day 12g. Under my 20g carbs goal for the day. Total calories for the day 1,290. Right at my minimum calorie goal of 1,200. My macros for the day 4% carbs, 21% protein, and 75% fat. I met all my goals for the day! 

I drank probably around 60oz of water for the day. I need to start drinking more now that the weather is getting hotter. 

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