Round 2 day 27


Today was a weird day. It started our being super emotional because tomorrow is mothers day and once again I’m not a mother so it’s been tough. As soon as my husband got home every thing changed. He always makes me feel better no matter how I’m feeling. I had a photo session with a friend from high school they turned out great! I’m getting really good at my photography

My family went to a mother’s day dinner tonight and I actuall did okay. I didnt eat the chips or queso. I stuck to low carb food. I’m praying my weight goes down tomorrow.

I skipped breakfast 

For lunch I had tuna salad and turkey bacon. 0g carbs.

For dinner I had beef and shrimp fajitas with guamole, sour cream, and little bit if Pico de Gallo. 8g carbs.

Total carbs for the day 8g. Under my 20g carb goal. As for macros I did pretty good especially for eating out. 3% carbs, 26% protein, and 71% fat. Not exactly at my 5%, 25% 70% goal but close! 

I drank around 70oz of water today. 


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