Round 2 day 16


I like these short weeks at school. It’s only Tuesday and I feel like the week is already almost over. So far it’s been a pretty easy week. I think we are all just ready for summer to get here! I didn’t have anyone to take pictures of today so I just went and took pictures of the wildlife refuge we have here outside of town. I really want to get good at landscape photography too. This whole experience is making me feel so much better. I have something to look forward to and something to wake up excited about everyday. This is good for me. 

I did quite a bit of walking today. Like I said I went to the wildlife refuge and took pictures. I walked 8,600 steps today. Still not my 10,000 step goal but close! 

I skipped breakfast.

For lunch I had tuna 0g carbs and 140 calories. 

For dinner I had a grilled chicken salad. 10g carbs and 800 calories.

For a snack I had a few hot links. 5g carbs and 600 calories. 

Total carbs for the day 15g carbs. Under my 20g carb goal. Total calories for the day 1,540. Just under my 1,600 calorie goal. 

I drank 100oz odcwater today. 


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