Round 2 tomorrow!


Yesterday I let my grief get the best of me again. I cheated all day Yesterday and today. I think I need to get depression medicine. Things that used to comfort me don’t anymore. Like the past two days I have been binge eating on whatever I wanted and I don’t feel any better. I didnt feel good while I was eating either. I need to keep losing weight and I feel like right now there’s no way to do that with all these emotions going on inside of me. I’m going to get back on track tomorrow and hopefully stay on track but I need to get all of this figured out before I know it will do any good. 

So what I am going to do is start completely over. I have to get out of this mindset that I have lost a bunch of weight. The thing is I’m still really overweight and just because I lost 100lbs doesn’t mean Im skinny and healthy. So tomorrow is going to be Round 2 day 1. My goal for this is going to be to lose 80lbs over the next year. Starting tomorrow as my first day. I’ve done it before and I can definitely do it again. Today when I weighed myself I was 330 exactly. Far from where I was and far from where I need to be. If I lose the 80lbs over the next 365 days I will be at 250 which is still another 80lbs from my weight but I know it will take time and as long as I’m making progress that’s all that matters. I am not going to weigh but once a week. I think I’ve gotten addicted to weighing myself every day and I need to stop. So on Sunday’s I will be posting my weight-loss for the week. 


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