I want to cheat! 


I woke up today and I felt better. My husband is literally the only person that can make me feel better anymore. He’s been so supportive through everything. Sometimes it still feels like we are dating. He sends me a text every morning telling me he loves me and tells me to have a good day. I honestly think if I had to go through this all by myself I wouldn’t make it. He has calmed me down and held me when I have cried. He truly is my very best friend. 

Speaking of my husband. My weight has gone up for the past two days. I haven’t cheated and I have been drinking enough water. Needless to say I’m frustrated. I wanted to lose at least a couple pounds before the end of the week. Also my big goal of 32lbs before June first. Right now I’m at 33lbs to lose. I have literally made no progress again. I wanted to cheat today. When I start gaining for no reason I just want to cheat because I figure my weight is going up anyways might as well cheat. Today he stopped me. On my way home from work I texted him asking what he wanted from Taco Bell. He texted back saying nothing and that I shouldn’t want anything either. So I felt bad and came home to cook dinner. I’m mad at him about it today but I will probably thank him tomorrow for it. 

I skipped breakfast.

For lunch I had pork rinds with salsa and sour cream. 11g carbs. 

For dinner we had low carb chicken fried steak and sugar free BBQ sauce. 4g carbs. 

Total carbs for the day 15g. Over my 10g limit but still under 20g. 

I drank my 100oz of water today. 


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