Down another 3!


Well I’m down another 3lbs this morning! Only 29lbs before I reach my next goal. I have really struggled emotionally this month. All I have wanted to do was eat and Iet myself a few times. I’m trying to stay strong. I’ve never had to deal with anything this stressful before. I have always been an emotional eater even with the littlest problems. So now that I have something that is so emotionally straining I want to go back to old habits and eat as much as I can. I hit my lowest weight today since I was a freshman in high school. I can’t slip back into the habits that got my to 432lbs because I will gain all the weight back. 

I went clothes shopping today. I usually hate clothes shopping. Today was good. I didn’t find much because they didn’t have a lot I liked but I did find a few things. The things I did find that I liked actually fit me. I remember when the largest size they had wouldn’t fit. I am very proud of how far I’ve come.

My husband took me on another date night tonight. We saw the new Kong movie. It was actually pretty good. He can always tell when I need a little pick me up. Tomorrow we are taking my nephew to the zoo which should be fun. That also means I will have to eat out at least once while we are there. Praying I can make good decisions tomorrow!

I skipped breakfast.

For lunch I had beef and shrimp fajitas. I’m not exactly sure how much these had because of the peppers and onions plus guamole and sour cream. I’m just going to say 18g. To be on the safe side. 

I skipped dinner.

For a snack I had Parmesan chips and hotlinks 6g carbs. 

Total carbs for the day 24g carbs. Over my goal but not by much. Hopefully my weight doesn’t go up. 

I’m not sure how much water I drank today. I think around 70oz. I know for sure I drank 66oz but I had a couple smaller bottles after that too. 


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