True tesr


Well the past couple days I have been eating my feelings. I am still an emotional wreck some days and I really don’t know how to handle it. Before I started this diet that’s how I handled stuff I ate until I felt better. Now that I am going through something I have no control over I’m falling back into the same habits. I can’t do that. I’ll go right back up to where I was. I can’t get there again. So today I started over. I know my weight will be up today and tomorrow but I just have to look at this as another starting point. I have to figure out a way to handle all of this not using food. This is the first real test to see if I have really changed from the person I was over a year ago. Right now I am failing. Starting today I get back on track and I’m going to stay on track. 

As if this morning I am only 1lbs up from cheating. I know it will probably go up a lot tomorrow but at least I am trying to make it go down. I stayed within my carb limit today. I only have 81 days to lose 35lbs. Right now it doesn’t feel possible but I’m have got to at least try! 

It’s now spring break. The hardest part about spring break is not over eating. When I’m home all day I like to snack. I kind of did that today which I know I shouldn’t have but at least I was under my carb limit. I’m going to try and stay busy all week so that I don’t snack. 

For lunch I had pork rinds and ham and cheese egg cups with chipotle ranch. 6.6g carbs. 

For dinner we had homemade low carb chicken nuggets with chipotle ranch. 4g carbs. 

For snack I had pepperonis, and two p3 protein packs. 2g carbs. 

Total carbs for the day 12.6g. Under my goal for the day. 

I drank around 100oz of water. I drank out of cups all day so I don’t know exactly how much I drank but I know I was close. 


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