Date night


Today was a long day. We went and saw Logan last night at 11:30 and didn’t get home jntil 2. It’s was a pretty good movie. But this morning I woke up early because I had to finish this action plan that I need to get done for work especially since I have two do one for reading and for work. I did not want to spend all day at my computer like I did yesterday again. I ended up getting it all done. 

After all that my mother-in-law came up ND hung out. She took pictures of me and Travis together. It’s was nice. I had fun. I’ll post some when she sends them to us. After that we had date night. We decided to go to play mini golf and walk around the mall. Then we picked up some stuff from Walmart and came home. It was pretty fun! 

For breakfast I had some pepperonis and Parmesan chips. 2g carbs

For lunch I had chicken with cheese and marinara sauce. 10g csrbs

I wasn’t really hunger for dinner.

Total carbs for the day 12g. Under my goal. 

I’m not too sure how much water I drank today. At least 50oz. I usual drink out of a water bottle but I drank out of cups at my house today. 


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