Well today was stressful. Work has a lot of new stuff going on that I just need to get done. I’m so overwhelmed with everything at school. Teaching is nothing like it what I thought it would be while I was taking classes. There’s so much admin stuff you have to do. So much paper work and data. I’m proud of myself though. I wanted to stress eat but I didn’t. 

Tonight is date night. We are gonna no to see Logan in IMAX. It should be fun but I will have to resist popcorn and candy again. I will be able to do it. 

I skipped breakfast.

For much I had part of a chicken salad. 11g carbs. 

For dinner I had some hot links. 9g carbs. 

For a snack I had Parmesan chips. 0g carbs. 

Total carbs for the 20g. More than I have eaten in a awhile. Hopefully it doesn’t go up. 

I know I didn’t drink enough water today. Hopefully I don’t get leg cramps tonight!


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