A year ago today…. 


Well a year ago today I decided to change my entire life. I hated myself. I was miserable and hated my body. I couldn’t fit in desks at school, I couldn’t walk up stairs, and I could barely find any clothes that fit. I have always been big and have always wanted to lose weight. Every time I tried I got frustrated and gave up. I have always been an emotional eater too. Anytime I felt sad, happy, mad,  etc I would turn to food. In a way it was my best friend because it was always there right when I needed it. That’s the way I grew up and that’s the way I continued on in my adult life. I didn’t know any better way to deal with all the emotions I was feel then to eat. 

This time last year I had just quit my job. Before I quit I worked at a shoe store where I was constantly on my feet for 4-6 hours. That literally killed me. All I wanted to do was sit down the whole but I couldn’t because I was working. I would get home and be absolutely exhausted and I know it’s because I was really overweight. I remember the day I quit I sat in the couch and ate a whole little Cesar’s pizza by myself and didn’t think twice about it.at this point I had not weighed myself in years so I had no idea what my weight was. All I knew was that I was gaining but I didn’t see the number so I didn’t care.  I finally weighed myself and I was 432lbs. All I could do was sit there any cry. All I could think we there’s no way I could ever lose this weight. I felt hopeless. 

One day one of my friends on facebook posted her weight loss pictures saying she tried a low carb diet and lost 70lbs. I did a little research and decided I was going to try it. A few days later I started this blog and decided to post every day what I ate and the exercise that I did. From there all this is history. I finally lost 100lbs. I’m very excited to see where this journey will take me from now on! 

I skipped breakfast.

From lunch I had buffalo tuna. 0g carbs

For dinner we had low carb chicken fried steak. 0g carbs

For a snack I had two hot links and pork rinds with salsa. 10g carbs. 

Total carbs for the day 10g carbs. 

So far I have drank about 67oz of water. I’m going to drink a little bit more before bed. 


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