1.5lbs to go!! 


I am so excited. I am only 1.5lbs away from being 100lbs down in a year!! I’m going to be very careful with what I eat today to be absolutely sure that I can lose that weight by tomorrow. I’m hoping it doesn’t go up because of what I had for lunch yesterday. Fingers crossed because I am so close to my goal. I never even thought I would get close to 100lbs lost in a year. I am so close! 

Me and my husband had a really good time last night on our date. The movie was funny and we had a really good time. Yesterday was the first day that I did not cry at all. Things are looking up and we are trying to be hopeful. Today we went to go shooting. I’m definitely getting better at it the more I shoot. It was fun.It is also a huge stress release for both us. I think we are going to start going a couple times a month. I wish the weekend was longer because I want to spend more time with him. Lately it feels like we are just dating again. I have no idea why but I like it!

For breakfast I had a couple pepperonis. 0g carbs. 

For lunch I had pork rinds with cheese and blue cheese dressing. 6g carbs. 

For dinner we had steak with w little bit of salsa. 4g carbs.

Total carbs for the day 10g. Way under my goal for the day! 

Today I drank 68oz of water. Not bad but I still could drink more!


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