A few more days. 


I only have a few days left until my year mark. My life has completely changed from this time last year. On my timehop a year ago I wrote that I was miserable with my life and my body. Today past all the circumstances going on I’m better. I’m much happier with my body and my overall outlook of my weight. A year ago I remember crying because I knew I was too overweight to get pregnant today I just got through miscarrying. Not the happiest time in my life but now I know it’s possible. I know I won’t make my 100lbs goal by March 2nd but I know I’m going to get close. I just have to stick with the diet as much as possible until then and see how far I have gotten. My journey isn’t over yet! I will continue to make progress and hope to become pregnant again. 

I almost cheated today. Over the past couple months I got used to eating whatever for the baby and not feeling bad about it. I find myself getting back into habits I had a year ago when I was over 400lbs. Today during snack one of the parents brought those mini cookies with the m&ms in them. I grabbed a bag and opened them. I almost ate them but decided to throw them away. (wasteful I know). I have got to get back into better habits again so I can keep losing! 

I skipped breakfast.

For lunch I had buffalo tuna. 0g carbs. 

For dinner we had ground beef with broccoli and Alfredo sauce. 10g carbs. 

For a snack I had a couple hotdogs links and pepperoni. 5g carbs.

Total carbs for the day 15g carbs.  Under my goal for the day. 

I drank about 75oz of water today. Better than I have been doing lately 


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