Once again not a weight-loss blog so come back tomorrow for weigh loss! 

Well me and my husband went on a mini vacation this weekend. I think this is what we needed. Just a little time together away from everything and relax. I haven’t worried about the diet at all this weekend. Tomorrow I’m getting back on track. I just needed to stop worrying about everything and be with my husband this weekend.

We decided that even though our baby stopped growing before it was even big enough to see that we decided to give our angel baby a name. I wanted a girl very badly so we decided it would have been a girl and we would have named it Avery Elaine. I feel some kind of closure now. I know I will never be the same but that could be a good thing. I got to experience 11 weeks of pregnancy even though my baby stopped growing around 1 or 2 weeks. I know I’m still going to cry and hurt but I’m going to be okay eventually. 

We are going to wait until I have my first menstrual cycle then try again. Until then I’m going to work off this vacation weight and focus on losing so we have be healthy for my next pregnancy. A year ago it wouldn’t even have been possible to get pregnant now we know we can. I’m praying very hard that we get pregnant soon. If you are religious at all please pray for us. It has been very hard understanding why God has done this to us but I know there’s a reason I just can’t see it right now. Thank you for all the support I appreciate it. 

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