Life update… 


This is not a weight-loss blog today. So of you are here for the usual blog please click off. This is a sensitive subject for me that I have wrote another blog about a few weeks ago. 

Well as you know I was diagnosed with a blighted ovum a few weeks ago. I either had to miscarry or have a d&c. Last night I started cramping and very light bleeding started. Last night I tossed and turned all night because of the cramping. I am currently miscarry. I’m sad and overwhelmed but I’m also kind of relieved that this is almost finally over. I don’t want the pregnancy symptoms anymore. It has been so tough going through this 

with all of that being said. I know I only have 18 days left in my goal but I need to take a break for a few days. Blogging, dieting, working and miscarrying at the same time is too much for right now. I’m sorry but I will be back. 


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