32 days left! 


Well time is ticking down. I have 32 days until my 1 year is up. I’m kind of confused. At the doctors office I was 10lbs lighter than I was on my home scale. Idk which one I should go with. I really need to buckle down and get back on track. I have a goal to reach and I am very close to getting there. From the doctors scale I only have 3lbs to go, from my home scale I have 13lbs. It’s possible I just have to get to it. I cheated yesterday and today so I know it will go up some more but I get back on track tomorrow.

I told you all my bad new a few days ago and I didn’t even mention my good news. Last week was my first week as a teacher. I got hired for pre-k but next year I will be moving up to 3rd grade. It’s been rough with everything going on but it’s good for me because I’m up and moving around a lot more. I am going to start tracking my fitbit again and exercising more. This morning I walked 2.5 miles around a track and I have only walked 6,000 steps today. I have got to do more tomorrow. 

I’m not going to say what I  ate today because it was loaded with carbs. Tomorrow I get back on track to lose more weight. I’m excited to get started again and I’m very lucky that I havent gained much back at all. I just have to keep focused and not let my emotions get in the way like they have been. Gaining weight isn’t going to help my situation so I just need to keep a clear head, keep eating healthy, and keep moving. 


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