It’s been awhile…


It’s been awhile since I posted a blog. I had a lot of stuff going on. I had to stop doing low carb. I will be getting back on the diet today and I will blog about it starting tomorrow. So for today this is not a weight-loss post so check back tomorrow if that’s what you are here for. I’m going through a really difficult time in my life right now. I haven’t gained any weight back which is good I guess considering I have cheated and ate a ton of carbs and calories the past week. I want to get something off my chest because I feel like it will help the healing process for me. I’m only posting this here because I know I have gotten so much support for all of my followers in the past. This is very sensitive for me so please be kind. 

New year’s eve I found out that I was pregnant and two days later a blood test confirmed we were. I stopped the diet and added in more fruits and veggies for the baby. My first baby appointment was this last Monday. The doctor did a sonogram in her office. By that point I should have been 8 weeks pregnant. She did the ultrasound and the gestational sac showed up but there was nothing inside of it. She had me do some blood tests and come back yesterday for an ultrasound. The blood test came back where it was supposed to be for 8 weeks pregnant. The ultrasound still showed an empty gestational sac. Meaning I have something called a blighted ovum where when I got pregnant there was a chromosomal imbalance so my body produced a gestational sac but no embryo to grow. I have to have a D and C to have the tissue that is there removed. I am just lost and confused about why this happened to me. This whole blog and weight loss journey was so I would be able to get pregnant and when I finally did there is no baby. I am going to continue this weight-loss journey. I’m not giving up. I’m grieving right now so making the right choices is very difficult but I have to do it. If I want children in the future I can’t let my body get back to where it was. 

I’m sorry if this was not the kind of blog you were expecting but I needed to say it. Tomorrow I’ll start back with the usual blog I do. 


5 thoughts on “It’s been awhile…

  1. i’m sorry. i haven’t been through something like this so i can’t fully comprehend your grief and upset. your strength in sharing your story is amazing. i know your bravery in sharing this story will help others. my thoughts are with you and i hope you have a speedy recovery.


    • I’ll be OK. A year ago there wasn’t even a snowballs chance in hell to get pregnant. My hard work has paid off even though this one didn’t turn out how we wanted. At least we know I can get pregnant now.


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