Strong support system.


I have been so lucky to have a strong support system in the past year. My husband has been the one person that has suck through this weight-loss journey with me. He has also lost a lot of weight too which has really helped our relationship. We both feel good about ourselves which I guess had the same effect on our relationship. My mother and sister have also been a support system for me. I don’t see them everyday but everytime I do see them they always tell me how proud they are of me which makes me proud of myself. I know I couldn’t have done this by myself. I have tried so many times with so many different diets. Without him I would not have gotten this far. 

I have not done anything all day. I have no energy to get up and get moving. I took a nap and watched TV all day. I didn’t do a single productive thing all day. I have got to change that for tomorrow. I’m going to start doing fitbit challenges again this week. So maybe that will get me motivated to get up and do something.  I hope this no energy thing is temporary! 

For breakfast I had a few pickles. 3g carbs. 

For lunch I had a couple turkey hotdogs with cheese and salsa. 9g carbs.

For dinner we had steak. 0g carbs. 

Total carbs for the day 12g. Under my goal for the day! 

I still did not get enough water at all today. 

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