66 days left- New Years Resolution!


New year’s is in a few days and I am truly shocked when back to where I was a year ago. I say on the couch all day doing nothing. I was miserable with my body and not doing anything about it. I didn’t start this diet until March. I don’t think I was ready this time last year to change. Now I see how far I have come and I can’t believe it. Almost 90lbs down. Is an incredible feeling. For next year my resolution is to lose another 80-90lbs. That’s a lot considering my body doesn’t lose 20lbs a month anyone. I added it up I only have to lose 7lbs a month to get there. That is completely possible! I can do it I just have to stick to it and not give in. I’m not sure if I will blog over the next year or not. I think I might because it keeps me accountable for the most part. 

So I am up 2lbs from yesterday. I think some of it is water weight. I just hope I don’t gain anymore tomorrow. I tried so hard yesterday not to cheat. I technically didn’t but I did eat double my carb limit. Still disappointing but it’s still possible to get to 90lbs down. I’m determined! My sister, husband, and I went to the gym today. I didn’t feel like doing much but I wanted to get to my step goal for the day. I did a few legs weights and the arc trainer for 30 minutes. I went 1 mile and burned 341 calories. I’m going back tomorrow hopefully I’ll do more tomorrow. For now I’m going to rest and eat as little carbs as I can. I need to make this goal! 

My sister and I took my niece and nephew to a huge park today. My nephew loves tall slides. I can fit down them now without worrying for they are going to break.

For breakfast I had left over chicken with laughing cow pepper jack cheese wedge. 1g carb.

For lunch I had tuna salad with a few pork rinds. 0g carbs. 

For dinner we had steak. 0g carbs. 

For a snack I had left over chocolate cheesecake bites. 8g carbs. 

Total carbs for the day 9g. I met my goal. I hope the weight from yesterday goes away tomorrow!

So far I drank 66oz of water. I’m drinking another 33oz bottle before bed. I will be at 99oz for the day. 


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