67 days left-Christmas!


Christmas Eve and Christmas are two of my favorite days of the year! Last night we went to see my in-laws in Texas. We ate dinner and went to walk around and see all the Christmas lights. They were gorgeous. One of my favorite things about this holiday is the lights everywhere. I also wanted to take progress pictures. There is a tree that is decorated with lights around the whole tree and things hanging down with a bench underneath. A bunch of people take pictures there every year. I’ll post the pictures in my progress pictures tab! 

Today was fun. We got up really early to go to my moms house and watch my niece and nephew open their presents. They loved what they got. Then we all headed to my house where me and my sister cooked all day. I decided not to cheat on my diet today. I ended up making chicken, steak, mashed cauliflower with pepper Jack cheese, pork rinds stuffing, low carb sausage balls, and low carb chocolate cheesecake bites. I’m not sure how many carbs I had today. I probably went over my limit but not by much. I roughly added up what I ate and it’s around 50g carbs. That’s a lot less than if I would have eaten regular Christmas food. I just hope I don’t gain anything from it since it was only double what I usually eat.   I’m really proud of myself. I was surrounded by carbs all day and didnt eat any of it! 

I did manage to drink 100oz of water today. Cooking all day and being on my feet made me thirsty. 


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