72 days left- Sticking to the plan and exciting news!! 


Well as you know Christmas is Sunday. I have planned not to cheat. I am going to just eat ham, chicken, and whatever side I can come up with. I’m going to stick to the plan. That’s the problem with holidays and diets. Everyone thinks holidays are all about food which that’s what they have become.Carb loaded food, sweets, and an excess of calories. I look back at all the years I literally stuffed my face until my stomach couldn’t hold any more food then I ate one more slice of pie. I’m not doing it this year! I refuse. I’m not against all the delicious foods of the holidays. But all those foods are what got me where I am. Throughout past holidays  I gained weight and never worked it off. I know I will want to eat carby foods on Christmas but I’m not going to allow myself to. I am going to try and put the focus on my family and not the food and candy. I know what my family will say too. “Well it’s just one day. It can’t hurt your diet too bad”. Well it’s not about cheating just one day its about pushing through temptations. I can enjoy holiday foods when I am at a healthy weight. That’s my choice and I’m sticking to my plan! 

On the bright side!  I got my teaching certificate today! I am now officially a teacher in Oklahoma. I am very proud of myself. If you have been following my blog since the beginning you know I have been struggling to get through college. I’m so happy to be done. Now just waiting on my diploma from my college to get her! 

I skipped breakfast.

For lunch I had tuna salad with pork rinds. 6g carbs. 

For dinner we had bunless burgers. I also had some asparagus. 12g carbs. 

Total carbs for the day 18g. Met my goal for the day! 

Earlier on the day I had a diet Mountain Dew. I didn’t start drinking water until around 4. Not good but I am going to try and drink as much as I can before I go to bed tonight. So far I’m only at 50oz. It’s not looking good! 


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