Day 263


It was a pretty good Sunday. I didn’t really do much of anything except laundry. I got caught up on all of it. My sister also gave me a bunch of dress shirts which was very nice of her. All my clothes are way too big now. At least now I have something to wear. 

Me and my sister went to the gym today. I really didn’t want to but I figured I should. We are going to start going in the mornings again. Today I did the arc trainer for ten minutes before my knees started hurting. I went half a mile and burned 131 calories. Tomorrow I am going to do the elliptical tomorrow. I also did some leg weights but I didn’t do much. 

I skipped breakfast.

For lunch I had pork rinds and cheese dip. 0g carbs. 

For dinner I had some turkey hot dogs. 5g carbs. 

For dessert I had a couple tablespoons of whipped cream. 6g carbs. 

For a snack I had turkey bites and a p3 protein pack. 5g carbs. 

Total carbs for the day 16g. I’m not counting carbs right now. So I made my goal for the day. 

I am trying to finish my second 50oz bottle of water right now. After I finish this bottle I’ll be at 100oz. I also had a bottle of diet Pepsi. Not bad! 


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