Day 236-Last day of fall break! 


Well today was my last day of fall break. I went and met with my mentor teacher today. She’s so nice and we are very similar in our teaching styles so that will make this placement fun. I can’t wait to meet the kids tomorrow. My teacher has told me a little bit about them. I can already tell I’m going to love this group of students as much as I loved my last group of students! I also enroll for my masters classes on Wednesday. I’m very excited. I finally feel like everything is falling into place! 

I am only one pound away from being 80lbs down. I hope I can get there tomorrow. Me and my husband scheduled an appointment with a photographer to recreate our wedding pictures now that we are so much smaller. I want to be 120lbs down by then. The appointment is on March 4th. One more thing to keep me motivated!

For breakfast I had a couple fat bombs with Caesar dressing. 4.8g carbs.

For lunch I had a salad. 11.8g carbs.

For dinner we had pulled pork. I put sour cream and Taco Bell fire sauce on mine. 2g carbs

Total carbs for the day 18.6g.

Total macros for the day 3% carbs, 24% protein, 73% fat. I didn’t quite make my macros goal for the day but I was pretty close. 

I drank 100oz of water today. 


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