Day 227- Disappointed 


I’m really disappointed in myself. I told myself I would post an accountability blog everyday when I first started this blog 227 days ago. In 277 days I have shared all my struggles and triumphs with my weight-loss. I only missed one day on my graduation day. Then I didnt post on yesterday not because I was busy but because I didn’t want to admit to myself that I cheated again. With that being said, me and my husband have decided that we are getting back on this diet full force starting tomorrow. No more cheating and we are going to hold each other accountable from now on. He needs to lose 20lbs and I need to lose around 30lbs before Christmas Eve. We can do this we just have to stay accountable. 

I didn’t want to track anything or worry about my diet today. So tomorrow we are going to be starting over and staying on track. I’m not going to worry about the scale I’m just going to work on eating well and moving forward. 


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