Day 221


Today was a really good day. I woke up and cleaned a little bit then I went over to my moms for a family day. We played board games and celebrated my husband’s birthday. 

I was so tempted today. Since we were celebrating my husband’s birthday we bought him a cookie cake because he’s been dying for one for a while. I didnt eat any even though I really wanted to. I’m proud of myself. I am still up 6lbs from my cheat day the other day. I’m praying it goes back down fast! 

I skipped breakfast.

For lunch. I had a salad. 7g carbs. 

For dinner we had Taco bowls. Mine had sour cream, guamole, salsa, lettuce, and a little bit of cheese. 12g carbs. 

For a snack I had a cheese stick and a couple fat bombs. 1.6g carbs. 

Total carbs for the day 20.6g.

Total macros for the day 4% carbs, 17% protein, 79% carbs. I was right at my goals for the day. Keeping my fat high to lose this cheat day weight!

I drank 100oz of water for the day.


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