Pepperoni and cheese omelette cups! 


I’ve seen omelette cups all over Pinterest. I have been wanting to try and make some for a while I just never got to it. This morning I finally did it! These are 1.2g carbs for four. 

Here’s what you need

-a muffin pan


– favorite type of cheese. I used cheddar Jack. 

– 6 eggs

-3 tspb of butter 

First you need to pre-heat your oven to 375.

Next crack your eggs into a bowl and add salt and pepper. Then mix them until they are all a light yellow color. Then be sure to spray your muffin pan with non stick spray or else they will stick and break apart. 

Next pour your eggs as evenly as possible into 8 slots in your muffin pan. Be sure not to fill it to the top because when you add your pepperoni and cheese it will spill over. 

Next you add two pepperonis into each slot. After the pepperonis sprinkle cheese evenly over each slot. Then cut your butter into even piece and put one piece on each. You can honestly add any ingredients you like. Pepperoni is all I had on hand at the time. You can get as creative as you want with these! Endless combinations! 

Lastly put it in the oven. My oven at 375 took 12 minutes to cook fully. Your eggs should have risen double in size from when you put them in! 

And that’s it!  Here is a picture of mine! 


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