Day 197- Keep progressing!


Today I’m back on!  I’m going full force this next week. I need to quit cheating and eat right. My weight did go up because I have cheated the pasted couple days but not anymore. I’m going stay focused and keep progressing!

For the next few days I’m going to up my fat a little more than usual in hopes the weight will go back down quickly. 

For breakfast I had a couple fat bombs with ranch. 2.1g carbs. 

I skipped lunch today. 

For dinner I had steak with sugar free BBQ sauce and  butter. I also had scrambled eggs. 3.8g carbs. 

I had another 3 fat bombs with ranch to get my fat up. 2.1g.

Total carbs for the day 8g.

Total macros for the day 2% carbs, 18% protein, and 79% fat.  I met both of my goals today! 

I’m only at 60oz of water so far. I definitely have to make sure I get to 100oz today because I had horrible leg cramps last night. 

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