Bacon and egg fat bombs! 


Fat bombs are a new concept to me since I just recently started doing macros. I didn’t realize that I was getting so little fat everyday. A facebook group I’m in suggested trying fat bombs. I think each week I’m going to try and make different kinds of fat bombs and post them here. First of all none of these are my recipes. I will try to post them sources where I found them. 

Now, Bacon and egg fat bombs! The link to what you need and directions are below. These are pretty easy. I have never made fat bombs before and I was able to make them! I doubled the recipe to make 12 fat bombs. They have .2g carbs,  5g protein, and 18.4g fat for one! The only problem I had was I bought thick cut bacon so it didn’t get that crispy. Next time I make them I’ll buy regular bacon and it should work  a lot better. Here’s what mine look like! They turned out a little more wet but I’m hoping they harden a little bit in the fridge!


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