Day 158-Figuring out what I’m doing! 


Today I am just going to take it easy. Starting tomorrow me and my mom are going to start going to the gym on week day mornings before we both have to go to our schools. I’m kind of excited but not because we have to get up super early so we can go to the gym. I did do my daily ab workout and the plank challenge I am doing this month. Other than those things I didn’t do much working out.

As of right now I am still stalled. I weigh the same as I did last week. I’m hoping with the changes I’m making it breaks the stall. I want to reach my goal by my birthday so bad. Theres still time to do it. I have 26 days to lose 13lbs. That’s one pound every two days. I know I can do it if my body would just figure out what it’s doing!

For breakfast  I had pork rinds and tuna salad. 0g carbs. 

I skipped lunch today. I honestly just forgot and by the time I remembered it was time to fix dinner. 

For dinner we had baked chicken thighs with sugar free BBQ sauce. 2g carbs. 

Total carbs for the day 2g. I feel like I had a really good day since I didn’t have that many carbs at all. 

So far I have drink roughly 110oz for to day. I only have 20 more ounces to go before I’m done for the day. 


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