Day 154- Building Muscle


My husband was off of work today so we both decided to go to the gym. I really pushed myself today! I went 30 minutes on the elliptical. I went a little over two miles and burned 403 calories. I haven’t went 30 minutes in months. I did arm weights again today. I really want to start building some muscle in my husband had my try bench pressing for the first time today. My arms are not as strong as I thought they were!  I did 3 reps of ten with 65lbs weights. I also did 30 crunches. Me and my husband are going to start going to the gym as much as possible.

Since there’s less than a month before I have to reach my next goal I wanted to make the next goal after that. After I get to my 75lbs lost mark on my birthday my next goal is to reach 100lbs lost by December 1st. It is crazy to think that I am only months away from losing 100lbs. If you told me I when I started this blog that I would reach my big goal for the year 3 months early I would have told you no way. I am so close! All the struggles I’ve been through all the times I’ve wanted to give up is worth it. 

For breakfast I had a couple slices of turkey bacon and scrambled eggs with a little bit of sour cream and picante. 5.4g carbs. 

For lunch I had some turkey hotdogs and steamed broccoli. 8g carbs. 

For dinner we had steak. 0g carbs. 

Total carbs for the day 13.4g. Way under my limit for the day. 

So far I have drank 50oz of water. I’m going fill my bottle up again so I can get another 50oz which will make 100oz for the day! 


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