Day 140


I didn’t do much of anything today except do homework and watch TV. I wasn’t feeling good which always happens when I have a cheat day. I didn’t want to do anything so I didn’t. 

I’m just feel down today. I definitely gained weight because of yesterday and just being in the house every day now is wearing me down. I really just don’t want to do anything. I don’t want to stay home. I don’t want to go out. I’m just feel weird right now. I hope it goes away soon. 

For breakfast I had turkey bacon. 0g carbs. 

For lunch I had tuna salad and pork rinds. 0g carbs. 

For dinner we had sloppy Joes. 6g carbs. 

Tot carbs for the day 6g. Under my daily limit. 

I have only drank 50oz of water so far today. I’m going to start drinking another 50oz bottle right now. O should be at 100oz by the end of the day. 


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