Day 130- 42lbs to go! 


I’m down two pounds from last week! 2lbs and I will 60lbs down! It’s crazy that this way of eating has worked for me. I feel like if I work really hard I will reach my next small goal. To be at 75lbs down by my birthday( September 2nd). My mother-in-law and I have the same birthday and she is also doing the same diet I am. She’s trying to reach her 150lbs mark by our birthday too. I know we both can reach our goals!

I got the old house almost all the way cleaned. I just have to bring a few small things over to the new house. Then my husband has to mow the lawn. I also need to unpack the rest of the new house. We brought almost everything over here and just left it. I don’t want to unpack but we have to. I will be happy once everything is all unpacked. 

For breakfast I had turkey hotdogs. 3g carbs. 

For lunch me and my mother in law had lunch at subway. I had a subway club salad with green peppers,  banana peppers, and olives  with ranch. 8g carbs 

For a snack I had a bag of pork rinds. 0g carbs. 

For dinner we had chicken fried steak (pork rinds for the breading) with steamed broccoli. 4g carbs. 

Total carbs for the day 15g. 

I drank water pretty regularly through out the day. So far I have drank 66oz. I’m going to drink another 50oz bottle before the end of the day. 


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