Day 129- All moved in! 


I got the last box moved in today! All I have to do at the other house is clean and have the carpets done. We slept at the new house last night and I slept really well. I woke up when my husband kissed me before he left for work then went back to sleep for a few more hours!  

We got everything out of the old house and moved to the new house! I just have to spend the weekend cleaning the old house so the carpets can be done on Monday. I’m happy it’s almost over. I’m also sad. I loved that house but I like this one better so I guess it was a good thing.

I skipped breakfast (grocery day). 

For lunch I had fajita chicken wrapped in lettuce with salsa verde and Tabasco sauce. I also had some sweet heat pork rinds. 7.2g carbs. 

For dinner I made homemade burgers. I wrapped mine in lettuce instead of a bun. I put a tiny bit of cheese on mine and mustard. 2g carbs. 

Total carbs for the day 9.2g. That’s a little less than half of my limit for the day! 

I didn’t drink enough water yesterday because I had leg cramps again last night. I only get them when I don’t drink enough. So far I’ve drank about 75oz of water so far. I only have half a bottle left so I will definitely be at 100oz by the end of the day. 


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