Day 126


Me and my husband slept in until 8:30 this morning. We got back home about 1 last night from his moms house. It was fun but I was exhausted by the time we got home. 

We spent all day doing last minute packing and cleaning up a little bit. I made appointments with all the utilities, carpet, and pest control. Now we just have to sign our lease tomorrow morning and register our dog with the city and everything will be done. Then we just have to move stuff. 

I skipped breakfast.

For lunch we had chicken fajita meat and I out salsa Verde on mine. 6g carbs. 

For dinner we had bunless burgers. Mine had a tiny bit of cheese and sugar free BBQ sauce and I also had steamed broccoli. 8g carbs. 

Total carbs for the day 14g. A lot better than yesterday!

I haven’t even finished a 50oz bottle of water yet. I have been up and moving all day and forgot to drink. I will be sure to get to 100oz before the end of the day. 

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