Day 104- Focused


I had to wake up early today to go move the cars so my husband could leave for work. I came back inside and fell back asleep and didn’t hear my alarm. I woke up and thought I was going to be late for class but turns out class was pushed back to 8:30 because of the flooding. So I wasn’t late after all!

I had a bunch of homework to do today. I had a quiz, a test, a lesson plan, and a few little things for my groups unit. I got it all done thank goodness. I’m ready for the next two weeks to fly by so I can finally relax. I also applied for graduate school yesterday. I’m very excited to see if I get accepted or not.

For breakfast I had 4 slices of turkey bacon. 0g carbs.
For lunch I had some tuna and broccoli. 6g carbs.
For dinner we had bunless sloppy Joe’s with sweet heat pork rinds. 12g carbs.
Total carbs for the day 18g.
Under my carbs limit for the day by 2g.

I have only drank 50oz so far but I am working on a 50oz bottle right now so I will be at 100oz when I finish it.


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