Day 103- Different Mindset


I’ve have been losing motivation lately but I woke up this morning and felt different. Lately I have been so hard on myself. If I gain any weight whether it be from cheating or just not drinking enough water the day before I have wanted to cry because I feel like I failed. This morning it was just different. I didn’t feel bad or sad I just knew I had to lose it which I know I can do if I just stick to it.

I’m also going to stop counting calories and just count carbs. I’ve found some ways to keep my calories lower. I’m still cutting out diary.

We couldn’t go anywhere today. It rained a lot out of no where so a lot of the town flooded. I just spent the day with my husband watching movies.

For breakfast I had two hot links. 4g carbs.
For lunch I had a salad with cilantro and avacado dressing and a bag of sweet heat pork rinds. 7.5g carbs.
For dinner I had salsa chicken and steamed broccoli and my husband had pizza chicken. 6g carbs.
Total carbs for the day 17.5g.
I will be posting the recipe for pizza chicken tomorrow.

I drank 100oz of water easily today. Usually I have to force myself to drink it.


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