Day 94- Smaller size!


I weighed myself this morning and I’m finally back down to 41lbs lost. Just two more pounds and I will be back down to where I was a few weeks ago. The weight is finally coming back off. I’m so excited to see how much I’m going to weigh next week.

I had a bunch of stuff to do today. I had to clean the house, go grocery shopping, and do homework for all of my classes. After I ran errands I went shopping for some clothes. I was scared to try on clothes because I didn’t know if I would be in a smaller size or not. Well I tried on a smaller size in jeans and shirts. They pretty much all fit in the smaller size! I was completely shocked! It has been so long since I have been able to walk into a store and not leave on the verge of tears. I ended up getting two shirt and a pair of capris. I can definitely see my hard work paying off!

I skipped breakfast.
For lunch I had some bacon jerky and a few baby bell cheeses. 2.5g carbs.
For a snack I had a sugar free pina colada snowcone. 1.5g carbs.
For dinner we had steak and broccoli. 6g carbs.
Total carbs for the day 10g.
Total calories for the day 1377.

So far I have only only drank 50oz of water. I’m working on another 50oz bottle right now. After this bottle I will have 100oz for the day!


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