Day 93- Rainy day


Well my day started off bad. It was pouring rain when I went to my class. I was soaking wet when I got inside. After I got out of class it wasn’t too rainy but it was muggy outside.

After class I went home and did some homework. I also took a short nap then cleaned the house a little bit. I’m going to enjoy this weekend because next week is my first full week of class which will suck but I just have to get through it.

I skipped breakfast.
For lunch I had grilled nuggets from Chickfila. 12g carbs.
For dinner we had baked chicken with a little bit of cheese and sour cream. 3.3g carbs.
Total carbs for the day 15.5g.
Total calories for the day 1560.
Under my carb limit for the day and under 2000 calories.

So far I’ve only I have only drank 50oz of water today but I am working on another 50oz bottle of water so I should be at 100oz after dinner.

I’m very excited about weigh in day tomorrow. I know I’ve lost weight from last week. I’m very excited to see what the scale says tomorrow morning!


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