Day 90- Goodbye Dallas


Well today was our last day in Dallas. It’s been a nice vacation but I’m happy to be going home. My summer classes start on Wednesday so I have to start getting ready for those. I also have to get back on track with the diet. Ive gone over on my carbs everyday since we got here. I’m terrified about what the scale is going to say when I get home.

We stopped in my husbands home town to have lunch with his mom because it’s on our way home. I feel like I made some pretty good choices at lunch. I didn’t eat any of the rolls even though I wanted to. The salad I ate had more carbs then I would have liked but I know I won’t go over my day at least.

I skipped breakfast because by the time we got down stairs the hotel staff had already out away breakfast.
For lunch we took my mother in law to a steak house. I had a salad with ranch dressing, New York strip steak, and asparagus. 12.1g carbs.
For dinner we had fajitas chicken. Mine had a little bit of cheese and sour cream with blackened seasoning. 7g carbs.
Total carbs for the day 19.1g.
Total calories for the day 1227.
I surprisingly met both of my goals today!

We drove all day today to go home. So I didnt have water on me. I did drank 116oz.


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