Day 85- Moving forward!


I feel much better then I did yesterday. My weight has gone down a little bit but it’s not to where it was. I think I was just retaining water. I’m just going to move forward from here. I just want to do well on this diet because it has been working for me. I don’t want to get back to where I was ever again. I’m done being overweight.

Me and my husband are going on vacation soon and I think it will be good for me. I just need to get away from the scale and constant worry of gaining weight. I’m not going to cheat over vacation. I know I probably won’t make my calorie goal because we will have to eat out but I will definitely make my carb goal.

Today I spent all getting ready for vacation. I had to vacuum my car out and get an oil change. I also had to do laundry so I could start packing. I also had to spend today and also tomorrow baby proofing the house because my sister and the baby are staying here for the weekend.

For breakfast I had turkey bacon. 0g carbs.
For lunch I had a hard boiled egg, ham, and turkey salad with blue cheese dressing.  5g carbs.
For dinner I had ground turkey with sugar free BBQ sauce and a little bit of hit sauce. 2g carbs.
Total carbs for the day 7g.
Total calories for the day 1350.
Way under my carbs goal and just 50 calories over my calorie goal. Not a bad day compared to what I have been eating.

So far I have drank 60oz of water today. I am going to get to at least 100oz before I go to bed.


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