Day 82- Wrong decisions!


I started today off right! I woke up at 6, ate some breakfast, got dressed, and out the door. I went walking/jogging again. I was really sore this morning but once I got started stretching and warmed up it went away a little bit. I walked 1.72 miles in 35 minutes. I did slightly better then yesterday. I burned 418 calories. That’s way more then I would have burned off at the gym. I will be back out there tomorrow to see if I can do better on time. Unless it is raining then I will have to go to the gym.

After I got done I got ready for church. After church I went to my moms house for a few board games until my husband got off work then I headed home to hang out with him.

For breakfast I had 3 slices of turkey bacon. 0g carbs.
For lunch I had tuna salad. I used real Mayo and a few pickles. 0g carbs.
For dinner we had turkey burgers with pepper Jack cheese. I also had broccoli. 10g carbs.
Total carbs for the day 10g.
Total calories for the day 2258.
I ate way too many calories today sadly.  I ate something before I saw how many calories it was. I really hope it doesn’t ruin what the scale says tomorrow. I hate making wrong decisions on food!

I drank 100oz of water today.



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