Day 66/67- Graduation Day!


Well I did not post anything yesterday because it was my college graduation day! I was extremely busy. It’s such a big accomplishment for me and I was so happy that I was able to get to my goal before yesterday. I will post some pictures at the bottom of this blog!

I didn’t track what I ate yesterday. My mom took me out to lunch and I had some bread and a piece of cheesecake. Then for dinner it was already 11pm before we got home so we just grabbed a burger. Even though it’s off the diet I feel like I was able to enjoy this important day and not have to worry about my diet.

I really didn’t eat much today.
I skipped breakfast.
For lunch I had two bumblebee tuna tins. They were lemon pepper flavor. I also had a turkey, Bacon, hard boiled egg salad with blue cheese. 5g carbs.
For dinner my dad is taking my whole family to Texas roadhouse. I am going after I post this. I plan on having a steak and mashed potatoes. Maybe one or two rolls.

I had to get hydrated today. I hardly drank any water yesterday and I was in the sun and cap and gown. So I was sweating and hot. Today I tried to drink a little more water than usual. I drank a little over 120oz.

Tomorrow I will get back on track. It’s been a nice couple of days eating whatever I want but now it’s time to get back on track to being 50lbs down by July 1st!

Here are a few pictures from my graduation!






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