Day 63- Trying to avoid studying.


I have one more final tomorrow until I am done. It’s sociology. I really don’t know how I will do. I didn’t feel like studying today at all. To avoid it I cleaned the entire! I had to eventually study for it because it is at 8am tomorrow morning. I really hope he grades it on a curve because I have to get a C in the class in order not to take it again.

I finally studied for about 30 minutes. I feel like I know most of the information so hopefully I do good. After I studied I took a short nap. 

I skipped breakfast this morning.
For lunch I had scrambled eggs with picante sauce on top and a few ham slices. 3.4g carbs.
For dinner we had burgers. Mine were turkey burgers. I put lettuce and mustard on top. 1.9g carbs.
Total carbs for the day 5.3g.
Total calories for the day 1376.

I didn’t start drinking water until around 12. I did manage to drink 96oz today.

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