Day 61- New month, new goals!


Well it’s Sunday and all I can think about is finals week. I only have two but I have to do really good on both finals to pass. The end of the semester came a lot fast than I realized. I have one final tomorrow night and one final first thing Wednesday morning. After those two tests I only have graduation to look forward to!

It’s May first! I am going to lose 15lbs this month! It’s going to be hard because I will be at home a lot more since school is over. We are also going on vacation for four days. I’m going to try and stay on track as much as possible! I can do this I just have to keep focused on my goals and do it! I want to be 50lbs down by July 1st which is only 17lbs away!

We had a BBQ at my moms today.  I stayed under my carb goal and tried my hardest to stay at or under my calorie goal. That didn’t happen but at least I stayed up the important goal which was the carbs.

I skipped breakfast.
For lunch I had some Jack Link’s smoked bacon jerky. 5g.
For dinner I had two turkey burgers with pickles, Swiss cheese, mustard, and mayo on top. Also cauliflower salad. 11.4g.
Total carbs for the day 16.4g.
Total calories for the day 1598.

I have only drank 64oz so far.  I’m working on a 32oz bottle right now. I will at least get to 96oz.


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