Day 59- 67lbs to go!


Today was weigh-in day! I stepped on the scale and I was extremely excited about the number. As of this morning I am 33lbs down in two months! My goal was to reach 32lbs lost by May 6th and I did it. I may even be a couple pounds lighter before graduation next week! Only 67lbs left to go for the year!  My next big goal is to be down 50lbs by July 1st! We are going on vacation sometime in May and I will try my hardest not to cheat so I can stay on track. I honestly cannot believe that it has only been 2 months and I am only 17lbs away from half way to my year goal!

It’s spring time in Oklahoma which means tornado season. I always freak out. We had a tornado warning today and I got so scared. We just got hail, thank goodness. It was still scary.

I skipped breakfast today.
For lunch I had a turkey, bacon, hard boiled egg salad with blue cheese dressing. 5g carbs.
For dinner we had fajitas. Mine was chicken with lettuce and guacamole on top. 13.9g carbs.
Total carbs for the day is 18.9g carbs.
Total calories for the day 936.
Under my carbs goal for the day and way under my calorie goal!

I’m struggling to get to my water goal. I have only drank 64oz so far. I’m going to at least get to 96oz before bed.

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