Day 55- Determined to stay on track!


It is the start of the last full week of classes this semester! I’m so happy that it is almost over. After this week it’s finals week which I will only have 2 finals then that Friday is graduation. It’s all happening so fast!  I can’t believe it!

I have been looking up vacation ideas. In a few years we are moving to southern Texas. We are taking a trip down there to decide what towns we would like to live in. I’m so excited yet terrified. I’ve lived in the same town my whole life. Never more than 2 miles from my family.

Well I weighed myself this morning and I gained a pound back from cheating yesterday. Nothing to do now but get back on track. I have to reach my goal before graduation. I know I can do it I just have to be strict about what I eat during the day. I’m determined to do this.

I skipped breakfast this morning.
For lunch I had a turkey and bacon salad with blue cheese crumbles and  blue cheese dressing. 5g carbs.
For dinner we had sloppy Joes. I made mine with ground turkey. 12g carbs.
Total carbs for the day 17g.
Total calories for the day 1812.
A little under my carb goal and under 2000 calories.

I didn’t drink as much water as I should have yesterday so I had to make sure I got to 120oz today. I have drank 72oz so far. Just two more bottles and I will be at 120oz!

I’m kind if upset with myself. I am so close to my goal and I couldnt just say no to cheating yesterday. I’m going to be so disappointed if I don’t reach my goal before May 6th. I know I can do this. I have to do this.


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